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Is Q getting a book?

Yes! I am excited to confirm that Q will be telling his story. A release date has not been announced, but feel free to check Goodreads for updates. Read the unofficial blurb here.

Are Lucas and Z getting books?

Lucas and Z will also be receiving spinoffs of their own. Release date TBD.

Then what are you writing?

I’m currently writing the second romantic standalone in the When Rivals Play series. It’s an angst-filled, completely riveting new adult series and the characters are highly addicting. Read The Peer and the Puppet today!

Who is The Moth and the Flame about?

Wren and Lou are the best of friends or the worst of friends. Their story is filled with action, sexual tension, and so many twists and turns, you don’t want to miss out! The Moth and the Flame will be available to read FREE with Kindle Unlimited on May 20th. Add it to your TBR list on Goodreads.

Are the When Rivals Play books standalone?

Each novel depicts a different and completely unique romance. However, the stories are connected. It’s recommended that you read them in order for the full reading experience.

Will The Peer and the Puppet be available in audio?

Yes! The Peer and the Puppet audiobook is currently in-production. I am pleased to announce that Joe Arden and Savannah Peachwood will be narrating. Release is expected for late May.

Please note: Goodreads is a reliable source for up-to-date information. If it’s not there, it’s not available. Happy Reading!

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