The Peer and the Puppet

A teaser from The Peer and the Puppet...


 “I saw their tattoos. I know they’re Exiled.” I purposely left out that I’d also seen his mark because it meant admitting to watching him undress in the woods. Whenever I closed my eyes, I could still see the muscles that hadn’t been there a year ago.
 “How exactly would you know that?”
 “Had a run in with them last year. It’s how I ended up in Stepford.” His eyebrow rose at my reference.
 “You don’t know what you’re talking about.” He took a step back and started to walk away until my next words stopped him.
 “Maybe your father can figure it out.”
 Before I could say more or take a fighting stance, my back was against the brick again, and this time my wrists were locked above my head while honey brown eyes blazed. 
 “Rethink your next move, Archer or I promise to make you regret it.”
 “The only thing I regret is the day you were born.”
 He leaned close, head bent, until his lips almost brushed mine. “Back at you, baby.”
 The endearment had me shivering. Afraid he might feel my reaction, I bucked against him. “I never said you could touch me!”
 Chuckling, he swept his lips across mine. “I never asked.”
 Desperate now, I moved to knee him, but he quickly shoved his thigh between mine. My breath caught as I watched his Adam’s apple bob. Why must everything he does be so goddamn enticing?
 “Let me go.”
 Thick lips brushed mine again, and his voice was smoother when he spoke. “Promise not to tell?” I hated the whimper that escaped me and even more I hated the boy who drew it out of me. I needed his kiss as much as I needed his downfall. When Ever's hips pressed against mine, and his mouth skimmed my neck, I feared I’d be burned alive. “Promise me,” he demanded softly.
 “I promise—” Words eluded me when Ever softly bit into my neck and his cock pressed against my fluttering stomach. I was grappling to keep my wits. “I promise you're gonna regret knowing me, McNamara.” Slowly, he freed my skin from his teeth and then our eyes met as I lifted my head from the wall and growled, “Now let me go.”
 I expected his wrath. Instead, he shrugged, ending the pretense of seduction. I was left a ball of flame while he became a shard of ice.