An Excerpt From The Bandit

I'VE NEVER FOCUSED on anything as hard as I did at this moment… and for the past hour of moments. I was little more than a horny teen watching her splash around in the pool.                                     “I know that look in your eyes son. I haven’t stopped looking at your mother that way since the day I met her.”
I momentarily forgot it was my father and the respect he demanded when my lip curled with irritation. “What are you talking about?”
When he said her name, I reluctantly ripped my gaze away from her now sitting idly by the pool with her slutty ass friend, Erin. She’d been giving me the eye ever since she stepped foot through the door. “The kid?” Her name, spoken aloud, left me exposed and defensive as if I’d been caught doing something I had no business doing—like devouring her young, supple body with my gaze every time she came around.
“Yeah. The kid. The kid you’d fuck six ways to Sunday as soon as her father’s back turned.”