A Trip Down Pharmacy Lane... Watch for that Spill!


RELEASED FROM JUVIE for less than a week and I was already bored. My cousin, Keenan, had been the one acting as if he’d been the one released. 
“Shit, bro, I’m out of condoms.” He bounced around the pharmacy looking for the right aisle as if he hadn’t been here so many fucking times before. I think it was safe to say he was still cheating on his girlfriend. 
I was starting to think she liked being treated like shit. 
Tonight, he was throwing a party in honor of my return, but it was likely more of an excuse to get his dick wet. I heard a commotion just as he disappeared around the corner but didn’t follow. Instead, I stopped to check out the protein shakes.
“Bro, get over here… this is going to top your fucking day,” he called out. I assumed he finally found the condom aisle. I hesitated because it was Keenan. His level of immaturity predicted he’d want to crack jokes over a new kind of lube or condom ‘ribbed for her pleasure.'
“Oh, no, baby,” I heard him taunt. “No need to move… you’re already in position to greet my cousin properly.” 
What the fuck? 


(scene only)

Tomorrow, You're Mine Again... Pt. 2

GOD. WAS I really going to do this?
The sound of the basketball hitting the gym floor grew louder as I drew closer. He was in there. I could already feel his dark presence. The need to submit to fear was trying to overpower my stupidity.
The gym door stared back at me, and the cause of my problems was on the other side. I sucked in air and pushed through the doors in time to see him take a shot. The swish of the net was the only sound until the ball hit the court again.
I thought he would go after it, but he didn’t. He stood still and watched the ball bounce until it rolled away and still, he didn’t move.
His chest moved up and down, and from where I was, I could see the sweat running over his tan skin.
I wondered what was wrong with him until his head slowly turned and his gaze found mine.

Tomorrow, You're Mine Again... Pt. 1

I BLEW MY growing bangs from my eyes and peeked up at the front door for signs of Willow. I was anxious to show her the car my aunt had gifted me this morning for my sixteenth birthday.  Willow was usually my ride to school, but I loved having my own ride now.
It meant a quicker escape when he came around to torment me.

Keiran's Birthday Surprise

I WAS GREETED by her sweet scent. The feel of her soft lips, never failing to make my dick hard, followed. It was morning and we were still in bed, which gave me the perfect advantage. I rolled her underneath me and stole her next breath with my kiss. The best part about feeling her body beneath me was that she didn’t fight me. I loved the way she gave in to me every single time.  

“Good morning.”

“Happy Birthday, baby.”