After The Fair

“WILLOW, WE HAVE to open the door,” she whispered as if they didn’t already know we were in here.
“No, we don’t. They will go away.”
“And when they catch us later?”
Dash continued to pound on the door so hard it sounded as if he were trying to break it down. The last thing I needed was to have to explain a broken door to my parents. “Fuck! Fine.”

Library Stunts

WE WATCHED THEM for far too long—practically stalked them. I told myself I was only following Keiran’s lead, but I was more than turned on watching her read a fucking textbook as if she were giving me a strip tease.
“Oh, Willow, I almost forgot…” The pretty blonde Keiran was obsessed with reached into her bag and pulled out the bracelet I had made for Willow when I had no other way to express how I felt. “You left this in the locker room.”
She… what?
I watched her stare at the lavender and platinum piece as if I had handed her my beating heart before she turned away, disregarding it as if it were something from a gumball machine.  “I don’t want it. It’s meaningless.”
What the fuck did she just say?
“Don’t ever let me hear you say that shit again, angel.”

Dash Crashes Willow's Date

“DASHER, PAY ATTENTION,” my father scolded when my phone pinged. I hadn’t even checked it yet, but he knew I would since I wanted to be anywhere but here. Of course, I checked it anyway when I spotted Willow’s name in a text from Keenan.

I swiped the screen to open the message and ignored my father’s scowl. He was the one to insist on this late night grooming for the day I took over his empire. I was his only heir, after all. Sheldon wasn’t even a question.

My eyes flew over the simple text six times, each time my grip tightened until I could swear I felt the screen crack:
You letting Willow date nerds in khakis now?  Bowling Alley.