Keiran's Dilemma Pt. 5



I was standing in front of the door of Mrs. Connors’ class when I considered turning back and running to his side. How could he send me away?

How could I let him?

The promise of pleasure in his eyes and voice had made me forget what he was risking by confiding in a town who judged and feared him. If possibly, the lengths he was willing to go to for his team made me love him even more. Sacrificing wasn’t the word anyone would usually use to describe Keiran. But I had to admit... the reality of him being so selfless stirred something hot and needy inside me. I’d never tell him this because he’d hate it, but he was my personal hero.

My knight in shining armor.

My dark prince.

It was an hour before the door opened and mere moments later I felt his fingers gently wrapping around my throat and lifting me from my seat. “How did it go?”

“It was brutal,” he murmured, causing my breath to catch. Dread replaced desire even as his fingers skimmed my hip. It was hard, but I managed to move away from his touch.

“So what happens now?”

He turned, and I tried not to admire the muscles underneath his shirt as he moved for the door. I watched as he closed and locked the door before turning to face me again. His gray eyes darkened as he said, “Now I’m going to fuck you. Hard and fast. Against that blackboard.” My gaze slid to the blackboard with writing over every inch of the surface from Mrs. Connors English lesson. “And then I’m going to take you home,” he continued, capturing my attention again, “put our kids to bed…” He stalked me like a predator as he removed his black tie. “And take you again.” He moved closer still. “And again.” Closer. “And again.” His promise kept me rooted and heated my blood all at once. I felt thirsty. Ravenous. Captured.  

“Don’t toy with me, Keiran.” I sounded stronger than I felt as I stared him down. “What about coaching?”

“The job is mine and so are you.” There was no longer any space between us as he towered over me. I could feel every breath he took and even the heat of his skin.


“You’re not allowed to talk in my classroom,” Mrs. Masters. He forced me backward. My back hit the chalk-covered board with a thud. “First warning.”

“What happens after my final warning?” I flirted despite my confusion. I wanted him to tell me about the meeting, but I wanted him just as much. Maybe even more.

“I’ll bend you over Principal Lawrence’s desk and spank you.” He nipped my chin. “And that’s your second warning.”

Oh, God.

His hand moved under the hem of my dress seeking my panties and then slowly dragging the blue lace down my legs once he’d found them. I could hear car engines in the parking lot as the parents left but it didn’t quell my nervousness. We were no longer teenagers risking suspension. If we were caught, we’d lose our jobs. Of course, I didn’t voice this or push him away. Instead, I kissed him back when his lips found mine and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist when he lifted me.

“You…” I could hear the jingle of his belt as he opened his pants. “Only you…” I whimpered at the feeling of his cock teasing my entrance. “…I couldn’t survive losing,” he whispered incoherently. His voice was thick with emotion and lust. “Do you understand?”

I nodded quickly, needing him inside me. Needing him to be deep and relentless.


He slammed inside me then.

Every muscle in my body tightened as my cry of pleasure ripped from my throat.

“You’re mine,” he groaned as he pumped his hips, fucking me deep and hard. His belt buckle jingled noisily in a steady rhythm as it hit the board. “You, Trey, Phee… You’re all I’ll ever need.” He was merciless. “Are we clear about that?”

“Yes. Yes! Fucking yes!” I screamed as my orgasm overpowered me. My head weakly fell back against the chalkboard, my limbs feeling like jelly, as he thrust deep and roared his release. We were still trying to catch our breath when he moved us away from the blackboard. Gently, he laid me on the teacher’s desk and collapsed in the chair with his head lying tiredly on my belly. My body was still quivering from the aftershocks of my release.

When my heart finally returned to a normal rhythm, I sat up slowly. He'd kept his head lowered, so I dug my fingernails into the soft strands of his dark hair and lifted his head. His gaze was clouded as he stared back at me. Lowering my head my lips met his, and our kiss deepened almost immediately.

“Let’s go home,” I moaned after tearing my lips from his.

“We will, baby, but first we’re going to take a trip to the principal’s office.”

“But… why?” He stood and fixed his clothes, his grin bright and beautiful.

“Yes. Yes! Fucking yes!” he mocked as he took my hand. I gaped at him in disbelief, wanting to knee him in the balls, but instead letting him drag me off to the principal’s office.

What. An. Asshole.

The End!