Sex On The Beach


AFTER FIFTEEN MINUTES of tapping my foot impatiently, Keiran placed a firm hand on my bare thigh to calm me. I knew him well enough to know it was as much an order as a gesture of comfort. It only earned him a glare I was sure was as heated as the fire burning from his palm, up my thigh and straight to my pussy.
“They’ll be here,” he murmured. The slight smirk on his face displayed his amusement.
“You said that thirty minutes ago.” I sounded like a brat to my own ears, but my worry for Sheldon trumped any guilt. On the way to California, they handed over Kennedy to us and were supposed to meet us at the resort thirty minutes ago. 
“And I meant it then, too. Come here.” He didn’t give me the opportunity to resist or question anything. His arm was around my waist, and I was carried to an arching alcove away from the view of the concierge and guests.
He wasted no time forcing my hands above my head and moving in on me, letting me feel his chest and everything hard below. I opened my mouth to tell him off when he took my lips in a hard kiss. When he pulled his lips away, I could feel him watching me so I opened my own.
“Do you know when you act up like this, it pisses me off?” He transferred my hands into one grip and ran the other down my body. “It makes me want to fuck you hard, Lake.” He kissed me again, this time, soft and slow, making me want it like the bastard he is. “Do you want to be fucked?” he teased as he ran his hand over my pussy through my shorts.
God, I love him.
There was no way in hell I would say no. “Here?”
He gifted me with a lopsided grin and circled my clit with his fingers making me shudder. “Where else?” he asked matter-of-factly.
“Someone will see.” Why was I arguing?
“I intend to make them hear you, too.”
God, I wanted to come right then and there. He continued to torture my clit, driving me insane. My breathing was harsh between us, mingling with his own.
“Normally, I wouldn’t interrupt your inappropriate display of affection, but there are children around.”
Keiran’s head whipped to the left where Dash stood with Kennedy. I dropped my head onto his shoulder and released a groan that was muffled by his shirt.
“I want my mommy,” Kennedy whimpered.
Hearing her plea, I pushed Keiran away. A guilty flush heated my skin. He made me forget. I didn’t know whether to thank him or slap him. Judging by the irritation written in his features as he glared down at me for pushing him away, I’d say the latter was a bad idea.
“Hey.” Q walked up, furthering my embarrassment. “They’re here.”
I moved around them knowing they would follow and re-entered the lobby in time to see Keenan and Sheldon walk through the doors. Keenan looked pissed and Sheldon looked traumatized.
“What took you guys so long?” I demanded as soon as they were in earshot. I looked between them for an answer, but Sheldon refused to meet my gaze.
“We got confused about the direction we were going, but we straightened it out.” I saw Sheldon’s back stiffen at the hidden meaning behind his words.
Kennedy appeared followed by the guys and launched herself at her mother. I caught the relief in Sheldon’s eyes at the appearance of her daughter.
“We go to the beach now?”
“Mommy just needs to put on her bathing suit, and then we can go, okay?” 
“Mama come naked like the shower!” Kennedy’s hopeful look transformed to confusion when everyone burst into laughter.
“I think that’s a great idea, Kennedy, but your mother may not be allowed on the beach if she isn’t dressed properly. What do you say your aunt and uncles take you, and we come find you when we’re done?”
“Can Uncle Keke come, too?”
“Who?” Keenan’s face twisted with confusion.
“Keiran. She can’t say his name well, so Lake got her to call him that. I think he is still making her pay for it.”
“Of course, he can. In fact, he’s going to hold your hand all the way there. Sound good?”
“Are you coming, too?” she questioned Keenan when Keiran silently picked her up. I was taken aback by the genuine fear in her eyes that he would disappear again. There was no way she could know that it wouldn’t have been the first time.
 “I wouldn’t miss it,” he promised. His voice was tender and his eyes were soft, and for a moment, I wanted to forgive him for what he had done to them.

* * *

We were halfway to the beach when Keiran handed an overly excited Ken to Dash. “We’ll catch up,” was all he said before taking my hand and walking in a different direction.
“Where are we going?” He didn’t answer me or say a word as he led us down the beach and around the bend. The crowd became sparse until there was no one left. “Keiran?” I tried again and was met with the same irritating silence.
The path we were on narrowed and curved around another bend into a small concave area with a minuscule beach and clear, shallow water.
We were completely secluded.
“Take your clothes off,” he ordered in a gruff tone. He turned to face me with expectant eyes. The heat in them was unmistakable.
“Are you angry with me?” I knew he wouldn’t hurt me, but a part of me couldn’t help but be cautious with him.
“Would it matter?”
No, I suppose it wouldn’t.
I gave in to the sexual promise in his eyes and lifted my shirt over my head. He tracked my movement, and when I reached behind to untie my bikini top, he nearly incinerated me with his gaze. “Do you want me?” I asked unnecessarily. I could tease as well as he could. Why should I make it easy for him when he was determined to give the opposite?
My shorts were next to hit the sand, but when I hooked my fingers in my bikini, I hesitated and gave him a coy smile. His eyes narrowed in return, and he took a step forward.
“I crave you, Lake. You should know that by now.”
I did know. It’s the reason I felt so powerful with him instead of the fear I once felt.
“Then maybe I’ll let you have me.” My grin was his only warning before I took off running. I counted six steps when he caught me and took me down. My knees dug into the sand, but his hand spread them further apart.
“You run from me and I’ll always chase.” My bikini was ripped down my thighs and my head forced to rest on the sand. “Always, baby.”
What followed was the hot, wet feel of his tongue on my pussy from behind. It was a balm to the ache he caused back at the resort, and I was thankful we were secluded when my gasping breaths became uninhibited cries. When he ran his tongue from my clit to my entrance, I groaned and gripped the hot sand.
“Keiran, please.” I wanted to beg, scream, and cry, but most of all, I just wanted more.
“Did you want something,” he taunted.
“Inside me. Please. I—Oh, God!” His tongue dipped inside me. My legs convulsed in the sand, and I cried out as I exploded and came in his mouth. He moaned and latched onto my clit, drawing a second orgasm from me.
“My turn,” he whispered in my ear when I finally came down.
I could barely make out his voice over the pounding in my ears so I turned my head to catch him lowering his swim trunks just enough to release his cock. The walls of my pussy involuntarily clenched
withneed at the sight of his thick, hard length waiting to stretch and fill me.
“Do you want me?” He threw my taunt back at me and grinned.
I nodded slowly, but he only cocked an eyebrow, telling me it wasn’t enough. “I want it.” I pushed my hips back and spread my legs wider to welcome him. “Please,” I added when he didn’t move.
He stroked his cock three times making it appear impossibly longer and harder, and then gripped my thighs, bringing them up and around his hips from behind until my lower half was completely lifted from the ground. He positioned my entrance over his cock, and in one movement, he slammed inside my wet heat.
“Oh fuck!” My cry ripped through the air and was followed by the steady, hard slap of his hips against my body.
“You continue to defy me at every turn.” He grunted and gripped me tighter. “It’s only natural that I fuck it out of you.”
“Baby, please.”
“Please what?” he growled. His tone was hostile, but it didn’t matter because he gave me what I needed. He flipped me over until my back was in the sand and came down hard over me.
“Fuck me,” I mouthed just before his lips crashed against mine for a brutal kiss and he entered me once more.
“I’m powerless against you,” he admitted and gritted his teeth as if the thought irritated him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, bringing him even closer. We moved together slowly, our bodies in sync as much as our hearts.
He brought his right hand between us and circled my clit and used his left to grip my throat lightly until I came.
“Forever, Lake.” It was our way to say, ‘I love you.’
“Forever,” I moaned against his mouth as he came inside me.