Dash Crashes Willow's Date

“DASHER, PAY ATTENTION,” my father scolded when my phone pinged. I hadn’t even checked it yet, but he knew I would since I wanted to be anywhere but here. Of course, I checked it anyway when I spotted Willow’s name in a text from Keenan.

I swiped the screen to open the message and ignored my father’s scowl. He was the one to insist on this late night grooming for the day I took over his empire. I was his only heir, after all. Sheldon wasn’t even a question.

My eyes flew over the simple text six times, each time my grip tightened until I could swear I felt the screen crack:
You letting Willow date nerds in khakis now?  Bowling Alley.
I don’t remember what came before, but I do remember speeding down the long driveway at a dangerous speed. The bowling alley was local but took longer to reach because my dad insisted on tucking us away.

I cursed the distance and sped through Six Forks with only one purpose. If I found even a fingertip on her body—the body that belonged to me—I might rip his arms off and then make her pay. I could only hope I calmed down before then.

What the hell was she thinking anyway?

I fishtailed inside the gravel lot. I heard rocks and other debris hitting the exterior of a very expensive car, but I couldn’t have cared less. Even now he could be planning to take what’s mine.
I realized Keiran and Keenan would never let her leave with him, and only then, did I relax my jaw.

It was enough to keep me from ripping the door off the hinges. My gaze zeroed in her as soon as I stepped in the cool air of the alley. The rush of blood flowing through my head when I noticed his stringy arm around her shoulder quickly drowned out the sound of pins being knocked down and Keenan’s raucous laughter.

I imagined ripping his arms from their sockets as I crossed the small alley. The only thing saving her from my immediate wrath was her bored expression. She looked not even the least bit interested in him.

 I ignored the stares of my friends, especially Lake, who would murder me with her gaze alone if she could.

They never saw me coming, and I didn’t bother with gentle when I ripped his arm from her shoulder and gripped her neck. I immediately felt her tense and witnessed the flush of her skin. She never even turned to look or question who it might be.
She knew and good for her. She may survive this night because I was fucking dying to bend her over in front of everyone and remind her with my cock who she belonged to. 

I spotted her purse and shoes and snatched them up. The weak fucker she was on a date with never said a word. I used the threat behind my stare to warn him to fuck off permanently. He seemed to get the message since he didn’t try to stop me.

It only made me more pissed at her. She wasn’t even smart enough to date someone willing to protect her no matter the cost to him. I gripped her neck tighter infinitesimally as punishment. Her gasp was low and light as I herded her to the exit.

This time, I did look my friends’ way as I passed them. I nodded my thanks and kept moving.

The summer air was a noticeable contrast to the cool air inside. Or maybe that was just my still boiling blood.

Willow had yet to say anything. Not even when the sound of her ringing phone filtered through her purse.

I thought maybe she finally knew better.

The first three steps to my car disproved that theory.

“You made your point, Tarzan. Now let me go.”


She hissed and squirmed under the control of my hand. “Am I your puppy now?”

“Shut up.”

“Fuck you.”

So that’s how she wanted to play this out?

I lost control by the time we reached my car, so I forced her front against the rear passenger door long enough to dig her phone out when it began ringing a second time.

I read Lake’s name and answered just to bait Angel. “Aren’t you on a date?”

“Why are you answering her phone,” she hissed. “Put her on.”

 “No.” I hung up and offered Angel a sarcastic smile when her eyes narrowed.

I then fished out my keys and hit the lock. The chirp of my car unlocking mixed with the sounds of the alley drifting from the inside. I yanked open the door, threw her shit on the car floor and forced her inside. She let out a high-pitched yelp, but it was quickly swallowed by the sound of my door slamming after I followed her inside.

“What the fuck are you—”

I smothered the rest of her question with my lips.  It was rough and demanding and conveyed the strength of animosity I felt for her at that moment.

My heart was breaking in two while my mind demanded I strangle her and get it over with. She couldn’t do this to me. I wouldn’t let her.

It was a struggle, but I pushed the dark thoughts away. Only then did I notice her returning my kiss with the same amount of violent passion.

I pulled away to test the waters. My cock only hardened in my jeans when she chased my tongue. I gave her more of me to taste and suck on and, fuck me, she took it like a good little bitch.
“Dasher.” Her moan brought forth my own.


No sooner had I breathed her name, she had shoved me away. My back hit the seat and she dashed for the door. I quickly recovered and gripped her hair while hitting the lock to keep her from escaping.

“Fuck you!” Her outburst was followed by her palm hitting my cheek.

It took everything in me not to return the favor. I’d never hit a girl. Ever. But Willow was pushing those buttons, making me want to damage her in the worst way.

My hands moved of their own accord, yanking up the skirt she wore for that prick and ripping her panties down her thick thighs. My mouth was already watering at the thought of tasting her.

“Fuck me?”

“Yeah,” she sneered. “Fuck… you.” She dragged out her words viciously, making me feel it all the way down to my cock.
I then settled her in my lap. Her back was to my chest, and then I gripped her thigh, spreading her legs apart.

One touch was all it took to see how wet she was for me. She was as turned on by our mutual hate for one another as I was.
I wasted no time penetrating her pussy with my finger.  She moaned at the invasion making me want more.

So I took more.

I didn’t give her time to get used to me. I entered her with a second finger and gripped her neck again.

Her hips were already moving as I breathed in her scent. While she fucked herself on my fingers, I took the time to look around the empty parking lot. There was only one street lamp. The rest of the parking lot was cast in shadows, including our moment of heat and passion.

“Dasher,” she groaned. I knew what she wanted so I gave it to her. I drove my fingers deeper, mimicking what I would do with my cock if this were another time and we were in a better place emotionally.

“You belong to me, Angel. This,” I hooked my fingers inside her pussy, feeling the spot that drove her completely insane for me, “is all mine.”


“And if I can’t have you, baby… no one can.”

She let out a cry as her pussy clamped down, attempting to trap my fingers. Her body convulsed in my arms, and as much as I wanted to hold her through it, I wanted to punish her more.

She craved the intimacy that came with sex, so while she was still coming around me, I lifted her beautiful body and dumped her carelessly in the seat next to me.

I could feel her watching me as I quickly exited the backseat and settled in the driver seat. Her attempt to catch her breath and fix her clothing was the only sound between us as I drove her home. I could practically feel her humiliation coming from the backseat in waves.

When we arrived at her broken home, she sat still for a few moments and then quietly opened the door to leave.

“Willow,” I called and stepped out of the car as she attempted to pass. I noticed her flinch at the use of her name. She’d always been Angel.

“Dash… no,” she pleaded.

I restrained myself from touching her because she looked truly frightened. It was on the tip of my tongue to apologize, but what the fuck for? I meant every second.

“Don’t forget what I said. You belong to me. Your heart, your soul…” I let the heat I felt for her shine in my eyes as I raked her body. I stopped where my fingers were buried only minutes ago before I met her eyes again. “And your pussy.”