Just The Tip...

“What do you say we put on a show?” Z whispered so only I could hear. “Let him see how much you really want it?”

It was too late to pretend. Z knew who and what I wanted, which meant Angel would too.


“We’ll make him jealous, princess.” I felt his hands leave my waist. The breath I almost took was caught in my throat when his hand slipped beneath my shirt. He caressed the spot, low on my stomach, where I felt my urges. “You in?”

If sex had a voice, it would have been Z’s. He waited while I finally exhaled. There was nothing I could do without my racing heart, though.

Gratifying sex with a man who helped kidnap my son?

Why would I say yes?

I met Angel’s darkening glare, and wondered why I couldn’t say no either. 

“You control the pace and how far this goes.” He paused to kiss my shoulder through my shirt and said, “But don’t worry. He’ll give in before you do.”

My nod was barely complete when he lifted my shirt over my head. I was still coming to grips with my answer when he tossed it on the empty seat beside us. I should have felt shy and shameful for being exposed, but we were past that, weren’t we?

“You have beautiful tits, princess. Did you know Angel was a tit man?”

I saw Angel’s surprise when I nodded. “All the girls used to talk about it… He’d go crazy for them and make them come just by sucking on them.” I could still feel the devastation and misplaced sense of betrayal whenever I heard about Angel with other girls. And I always heard about him. When girls weren’t whispering about Angel, they were interrogating me.

I was hurtled back to the present when Z flicked my nipple and growled. “Yeah, but it’s you who drives him crazy. Never forget that, princess.” He repeated the assault on my other nipple before moving his hands down to my jeans and flicking open the button.

Angel didn’t take his eyes off of us, so I waited for him to make his next move. I was confused when he pulled his hands away. “If you want more, show him. He can’t resist you if you command it.” I felt him wrap his hands around my waist and lift me from his lap.

What did he want from me?

I wanted Angel, but our past wouldn’t allow me to speak the words.

Angel sat so still behind his father’s desk, but I could sense the struggle within him to hold back and win this round. Years ago, my age kept a barrier between us, but now that I was of age, there was nothing but his restraint keeping him contained.

I could return the favor, push his boundaries until they collapsed, and push him away like he did to me. Z promised I controlled how far this would go, and for some reason, I believed him.

“Remember, Mian… you’re in control,” Z reminded as if on cue.

My hands moved to my open jeans and pushed them down my legs.


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